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Mickey Jupp's Legend
The Legend Of Mickey Jupp

Side A:
Track 1. Shine On My Shoes
Track 2. My Typewriter
Track 3. Hole In My Pocket
Track 4. Another Guy
Track 5. Heather On The Hill
Track 6. Georgia George (Part 1)
Track 7. Don't You Never
Track 8. Captain Cool

Side B:
Track 1. Cheque Book
Track 2. City
Track 3. Cross Country
Track 4. Lorraine (Part 1)
Track 5. Anything You Do
Track 6. Five Years
Track 7. Nature's Radio

A Matrix: yesterdays sound today
B Matrix: a legend in his own pub
Released: 26th May 1978

Produced by Legend, Tony Visconti, Sandy Robertson Robin Trower & Pete Solley
Individual numbered sleeves

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