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Various Artists
The Akron Compilation

Side A: Tireside
Track 1. Jane Aire And The Belvederes / When I Was Young
Track 2. Tin Huey / Chinese Circus
Track 3. Rachel Sweet / Truckstop Queen
Track 4. The Bizarros / Nova
Track 5. The Waitresses / The Comb
Track 6. Rubber City Rebels / Rubber City Rebels

Side B: Plateside
Track 1. The Waitresses / Slide
Track 2. Jane Aire And The Belvederes / I'm An Actress
Track 3. Sniper / Love Is Making Me Bleed
Track 4. Idiots Convention / Mephistopheles' Passion
Track 5. Rachel Sweet / Tourist Boys
Track 6. Terraplane / A Beer And A Cigarette
Track 7. Chi Pig / Apu Api (Help Me)
Track 8. The Waitresses / Clones

A Matrix: tireside yellow label
B Matrix: plateside black and white label
Released: 30th June 1978

Produced by Various
Scratch N' Sniff rubber fragrence sleeve
Standard pressings have no track bands
Promo copies exist cat number Gej 305 with track seperators
White label test pressings exist cat number Get 3 DJ with track sperators and promo letter

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