Trubz 1

Trubz 1

Trubz 1
Any Trouble
Live At The Venue "Official Bootleg"

Side A:
Track 1. The Hurt
Track 2. Second Choice
Track 3. Foolish Pride
Track 4. Nice Girls
Track 5. Yesterday's Love

Side B:
Track 1. The Hook
Track 2. Girls Are Always Right
Track 3. Follow That Car
Track 4. Growing Up
Track 5. Turning Up The Heat
Track 6. Working On The Night Shift

A Matrix: n/a
B Matrix: n/a
Released: 1980

Limited edition of 500
Recorded live at The Venue 31st May 1980
Stickered plain black sleeve with promo letter and interview insert
Pink Velvet Boxed versions exist, I have seen and touched one but don't own one.

Trubz 1 Label

Trubz 1 Insert

Trubz 1 Promo Letter