Sssss 2p

Sssss 2p

Sssss 2p
Teatre Of Hate
Who Dares Wins

Side A:
Track 1. Original Sin
Track 2. ...West World
Track 3. The Klan
Track 4. Conquistador
Track 5. Poppies

Side B:
Track 1. Incinerator
Track 2. Judgment Hymn
Track 3. 63
Track 4. Rebel Without A Brain
Track 5. Legion

A Matrix: n/a
B Matrix: n/a
Released: 1982

Produced by Terry Razor
Recorded live in Tempodron W. Berlin 12/9/81
Reissue only available through Stiff Records Mail Order
Burning Rome Records / Distributed by Stiff Records

Sssss 2p Label