Seez 7

Seez 7

Seez 7
Lene Lovich

Side A:
Track 1. Lucky Number
Track 2. Sleeping Beauty
Track 3. Home
Track 4. Too Tender (To Touch)
Track 5. Say When

Side B:
Track 1. Tonight
Track 2. Wriing On The Wall
Track 3. Telepathy
Track 4. Momentary Breakdown
Track 5. One In A 1,000,000
Track 6. I Think We're Alone Now

A Matrix: ahead of our body
B Matrix: Nosferatu much!
Released: 13th October 1978

Standard version in Red vinyl
Black vinyl version exist 2,000 pressed (B Side Matrix: "say what")
Picture disc versions exist 5,000 pressed
Roger Bechirian Re-mix versions exist
Released to co-incide with the Be Stiff 78 tour
A Stateless Production for Oval

Seez 7 Insert

Seez Red Vinyl

Seez 7 Red Vinyl Label

PSeez 7

PSeez 7 Picture Disc

Seez 7 Re-mix Version

Seez 7 Re-mix Label