Seez 8

Seez 8

Seez 8
Jona Lewie
On The Other Hand There's A Fist

Side A:
Track 1. The Baby, She's On The Street
Track 2. Laughing Tonight
Track 3. Bang-A-Lang-A-Boom-Er-Ang-Man
Track 4. The Fairground Ride
Track 5. On The Road
Track 6. Vous Et Moi

Side B:
Track 1. I'll Get By In Pittsburgh
Track 2. Bureaucrats
Track 3. Hallelujah Europa
Track 4. Police Trap
Track 5. Feelin' Stupid
Track 6. The Last Supper At The Masquerade

A Matrix: 'enough research ...'
B Matrix: ' ... tends to support your theory'
Released: 13th October 1978

Produced by Jona Lewie
Standard version in Yellow vinyl
Orange vinyl pressings also exist
Black vinyl version exist 2,000 pressed
Picture disc versions exist 5,000 pressed
Released to co-incide with the Be Stiff 78 tour

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Seez 8 Yellow Vinyl

Seez 8 Yellow Vinyl Label

PSeez 8

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