Seez 9

Seez 9

Seez 9
Wreckless Eric
The Wonderful World Of 'Wreckless Eric'

Side A:
Track 1. Walking On The Surface Of The Moon
Track 2. Take The Cash (K.A.S.H.)
Track 3. Dizzy
Track 4. Veronica
Track 5. Roll Over Rock-ola

Side B:
Track 1. I Wish It Would Rain
Track 2. The Final Taxi
Track 3. Let's Go To The Pictures
Track 4. Girlfriend
Track 5. Crying, Waiting, Hoping

A Matrix: due to the lack of inspiration
B Matrix: there is no message! why!
Released: 13th October 1978

Produced by Pete Solley
Standard version in Green vinyl
Orange vinyl pressings also exist
Black vinyl version exist 2,000 pressed
Picture disc versions exist 5,000 pressed
Released to co-incide with the Be Stiff 78 tour

Seez 9 Insert

Seez 9 Green Vinyl

Seez 9 Green Vinyl Label

PSeez 9

PSeez 9 Picture Disc