Seez 10

Seez 10

Seez 10
Mickey Jupp

Side A:
Track 1. Making Friends
Track 2. Short List
Track 3. Old Rock 'N' Roller
Track 4. School
Track 5. If Only Mother
Track 6. Down In Old New Orleans
Track 7. You'll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those

Side B:
Track 1. Pilot
Track 2. S. P. Y.
Track 3. The Ballad Of Billy Bonney
Track 4. Partir C'est Mourir Un Peu
Track 5. Brother Doctor, Sister Nurse

A Matrix: if ya feeling good
B Matrix: don't worry ... you'll get over it
Released: 13th October 1978

Produced by Nick Lowe (A Side)
Produced by Gary Brooker (B Side)
Standard version in Blue vinyl
Orange vinyl pressings also exist
Black vinyl version exist 2,000 pressed
Picture disc versions exist 5,000 pressed
Released to co-incide with the Be Stiff 78 tour

Seez 10 Insert

Seez 10 Blue Vinyl

Seez 10 Blue Vinyl Label

PSeez 10

PSeez 10 Picture Disc