Seez 12

Seez 12

Seez 12
Rachel Sweet
Fool Around

Side A:
Track 1. Just My Style
Track 2. B-A-B-Y
Track 3. Who Does Lisa Like?
Track 4. Wildwood Saloon
Track 5. Stay Awhile
Track 6. Suspended Animation

Side B:
Track 1. It's So Different Here
Track 2. Cuckoo Clock
Track 3. Pin A Medal On Mary
Track 4. Girl With A Synthesizer
Track 5. Stranger In The House

A Matrix: to unsung heros ...
B Matrix: ... yes you got a mention Pete Solley
Released: 13th October 1978

Produced by Liam Sternberg
Standard version in White vinyl
Black vinyl version exist 2,000 pressed
Picture disc versions exist 5,000 pressed
Released to co-incide with the Be Stiff 78 tour

Seez 12 Insert

Seez 12 White Vinyl

Seez 12 White Vinyl Label

PSeez 12

PSeez 12 Picture Disc