Seez 31

Seez 31

Seez 31
Tenpole Tudor
Eddie Old Bob Dick And Gary

Side A:
Track 1. Swords Of A Thousand Men
Track 2. Go Wilder
Track 3. I Wish
Track 4. Header Now
Track 5. These Are The Boys
Track 6. Wunderbar

Side B:
Track 1. Three Bells In A Row
Track 2. Tell Me More
Track 3. Judy Annual
Track 4. I Can't Sleep
Track 5. Anticipation
Track 6. What Else Can I Do
Track 7. Confessions

A Matrix: cry god cor Gary England and The Tudors
B Matrix: amore labore
Released: 17th April 1981

Produced by Bob Andrews & Alan Winstanley / Dick Crippen
Spent 48 weeks in the U.K. charts and reached #3

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