Seez 39

Seez 39

Seez 39
Madness 7

Side A:
Track 1. Cardiac Arrest
Track 2. Shut Up
Track 3. Sign Of The Times
Track 4. Missing You
Track 5. Mrs Hutchingson
Track 6. Tomorrow's World

Side B:
Track 1. Grey Day
Track 2. Pac-A-Mac
Track 3. Promises Promises
Track 4. Benny Bullfrog
Track 5. When Dawn Arrives
Track 6. The Opium Eaters
Track 7. Day On The Town

A Matrix: takeaway the no. you first thought of
B Matrix: answer is seven
Released: 2nd October 1981

Produced by Clive Langer& Alan Winstanley
Spent 29 weeks in the U.K. charts and reached #5

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