Seez 46

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Seez 46
Madness Presents The Rise & Fall

Side A:
Track 1. Tomorrows (Just Another Day)
Track 2. Blue Skinned Beast
Track 3. Primrose Hill
Track 4. Mr. Speaker
Track 5. Sunday Morning

Side B:
Track 1. Our House
Track 2. New Dehli
Track 3. That Face
Track 4. Calling Cards
Track 5. Are You Coming (With Me)
Track 6. Madness (Is All In The Mind)

A Matrix: n/a
B Matrix: n/a
Released: 8th October 1982

Produced by Clive Langer& Alan Winstanley
Spent 22 weeks in the U.K. charts and reached #10

Seez 46 Gatefold

Seez 46 Label