CDSeez 74

CDSeez 74

CDSeez 74
Henry Priestman
The Chronicles Of Modern Life

Track Listing:
Track 1. Don't You Love Me No More?
Track 2. Old
Track 3. What You Doin' With Me
Track 4. It's Called A Heart
Track 5. Grey's The New Blonde
Track 6. He Ain't Good Enough For You
Track 7. The Idiot
Track 8. The Sacred Scrolls Of Pop
Track 9. Did I Fight In The Punk Ward For This?
Track 10. No To The Logo
Track 11. It's What You Leave Behind
Track 12. Goodbye Mr. Lee (... And Thanks)
Track 13. Suffice To Say

Released: 22nd September 2008

Produced by Henry Priestman
Also released as a digital download
"Suffice To Say" is "Hidden Bonus Track"
The CD did not chart but due to interest on BBC Radio 2 a repressing was done through Island cat number 4781647 featuring small Stiff logos but not an official Stiff release.

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